Floor Coatings - A selection of high quality floor coatings, ideal for industrial
and commercial premises
Floor Paint
Dustproofs, seals and transforms drab concrete floors. It is easy to
apply and dries quickly to a tough mid-gloss finish.

Floor Paint Epoxy Ester Grade
Based on the Anglo Floor paint formulation but reinforced with Epoxy
Ester for improved durability and adhesion.

Floor Paint Slip Resistant Grade
A slip resistant version of Anglo Floor Paint. Pre-blended anti-slip
aggregate for an attractive textured finish.

Epoxy Floor Paint
Exceptionally tough water dispersible epoxy resin paint which cures
to form a silk finish.

Epoxy High Build
A tough epoxy resin coating with high build finish and excellent
chemical resistance for concrete and metal surfaces.

Epoxy Primer
A quick drying penetrating primer for use on porous or open
textured surfaces before applying Epoxy High Build.

A traction-enhancing epoxy resin coating for application to smooth
and potentially slippery floors.

Contains special hard wearing particles that quickly provides a safe
and attractive anti-slip floor surface.

Galvanised Metal Primer
Galvanised metal must be treated with this special preparatory agent
before applying Anglo Treadsafe.

Treadsafe Low Temperature Grade
Same as Anglo Treadsafe but can be applied at temperatures
of 0OC TO 10OC.

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