Flexi-Joint Fill
Anglo Flexi-Joint Fill, Primer and
Rods - flexible joint sealant for
industrial floors.

Anglo Flexi-Joint Fill is a two-part
pourable flexible joint sealant, for
use in floor joints up to 25mm
wide. It is easy to use thanks to an
advanced polyurethane formula and
is ideal for sealing expansion joints and concrete bay joints. Anglo Flexi-Joint Fill Primer is required with this
product. Flexi-Joint Rods are foam
strips which can be packed into deep
cracks to save filler.

* Sealed joints accept traffic after
* 8-12 hours
* Ideal for internal and external use
* Ideal for construction joints between
* concrete slabs, factory and
* warehouse floors, forecourts, etc.

Usage rate: 2 litres will fill approx.
20m of a 10mm wide x 10mm
deep joint
Size available: 2 litres
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