External Maintenance - Anglo products ideal for external jobs on your premises
Epoxy Repair Mortar
Fast setting, granite-hard epoxy resin mortar for use where
conventional material would fail.

Epoxy Repair Mortar Deep Fill
Coarse grade version ideal for filling deeper holes before finishing with
Epoxy Repair Mortar.

Epoxy Crack Filler
Fast curing and easy to apply, liquid epoxy resin for filling narrow
cracks in concrete floors.

Flexi-Joint Fill
Pouring grade, flexible polyurethane sealant for filling expansion joints
in concrete floors.

Speed Patch
A fast setting polymer modified cementitous concrete repair mortar
for horizontal surfaces.

Speed Patch Pourable Grade
Rapid setting cement-based pourable patch repair material, suitable
for light to heavy trafficked areas.

Speed Screed
A pour-on, self-smoothing and very tough resurfacing material for
damaged and uneven concrete floors.

Contains special lightweight fillers for repairing vertical concrete,
render and stone surfaces.

Epoxy Bond
A two-pack epoxy resin adhesive primer. For use with Epoxy Repair
Mortar and Verti-Patch.

Gum Attack
Helps remove chewing gum, old stickers and tar stains from most
and interior surfaces including carpets.
A tough, flexible acrylic paint for tarmac or asphalt. Colours
and protects drives, paths and playgrounds.

Asphalt Restorer
A single application, refurbishing coating for upgrading drab and
stained car parks, driveways and footpaths.

For in-situ binding, protection and sealing of jointing sand in block
paving. Easy to apply with a long performance life.

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