Cleaning & Preparation - Anglo products ideal for industrial premises maintenance
Powerfloat Epoxy Sealer
An epoxy resin primer designed to improve the adhesion of paint
coatings to difficult substrates.

Multi-Purpose Seal
Penetrates deep into dusty, porous concrete and hardens to provide
a dustproofed surface.

Cement Cleaner/Etchant
A midly acidic cleaner for the preparation of concrete floors prior
to painting, ideal for use on smooth surfaces.

Solvent Free Degreaser
A powerful and highly effective biodegradable degreasant with all the
advantages of a solvent-free formulation.

Anti Slip Primer
Improves adhesion particularly on porous surfaces. Use with
Anti Slip Treads, Roll and Tapes.

Anti Slip Edge Sealer
Keeps out damp and improves durability on uneven surfaces. Use
with Anti Slip Treads, Roll and Tapes.

Epoxy Bond
A two-pack epoxy resin adhesive primer. For use with Epoxy Repair
Mortar and Verti-Patch.

Galvanised Metal Primer
Galvanised metal must be treated with this special preparatory agent
before applying Anglo Treadsafe.

Epoxy Primer
A quick drying penetrating primer for use on porous or open
textured surfaces before applying Epoxy High Build.

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